Why Winturk PVC Window Systems?

1) Energy saving and thermal insulation:

The rapid depletion of our energy-limited resources in the world has brought along individual and corporate responsibilities. Issues such as thermal insulation and energy saving are becoming more and more important. From an individual perspective, 23.9% of the energy consumed in Turkey belongs to houses and residences, and 80% of this is used for heating purposes. On a residential basis, reducing the amount of energy consumed for heating leads to serious energy savings. From an economic and environmental perspective, this energy savings provides us with great benefits. On the other hand, 28% of the heat energy loss of the buildings is due to the windows. In other words, choosing a window system with high thermal insulation value is the right step in terms of energy saving. In addition to its aesthetic appearance and comfort of use, PVC door and window systems, which have very high thermal insulation values ​​compared to their wooden and aluminum counterparts, provide significant energy savings with the right glass choice.


2) Provides ease of maintenance:

With Winturk branded PVC window and door systems, you can get the maximum efficiency from a window. A window that provides ease of cleaning with its smooth profile surface, requires low maintenance, does not fade, and is resistant to adverse environmental conditions, adds a stylish and aesthetic style to your buildings for many years. With laminated foil coating options, you can capture the perception of wood and aluminum in your PVC profiles, and you don't have to worry about their troublesome maintenance.


3) High sound insulation properties:

Don't let outside noise disturb the peace of your home. Winturk PVC window systems trap static air with their large number of large chambers, and provide high-level sound insulation with its own TPE gasket and EPDM rubber gasket installed after manufacturing. The air gap that can go up to 16 mm with double glazing applications, and the air gap of 10 + 10 mm with a total of 20 mm with three optional glass applications, provides maximum sound insulation.


4) Long-lasting and durable:

The special mixture PVC raw material used in the profiles contains components with high strength properties, color pigments, stabilizers and fillers. A raw material mixture prepared with high quality component preferences and optimum ratios is indispensable for producing profiles that are resistant to adverse climatic conditions, impact and external factors. Winturk PVC profiles are obtained as a result of the production of this mixture with advanced technology extruders. Produced profiles are subject to frequent quality control. Tests such as impact resistance, corner strength, mechanical resistance to weather conditions, color/size change depending on the environmental characteristics are carried out at regular intervals to ensure the continuity of quality. Profiles produced with this precision are long-lasting. The process we carry out meticulously from raw material supply to assembly reflects our stance as Eray Plastik.


5) Budget friendly:

PVC profiles are more economical than aluminum and wood materials. PVC profiles, which produce the most suitable solution in terms of price and performance for user needs, contribute to saving in many aspects. In addition to the more affordable initial purchase cost, it saves energy and does not require maintenance and repair, thus minimizing your cost.