Our company has developed its world class high quality and aesthetic products with its own R & D studies. The lines used in production are German Krausmaffei and Austria Greinner PVC extrusion machines, which are considered the best in Europe.



To produce quality products in the changing and developing world conditions, with the awareness of responsibility towards the environment and society; to take part in the sector as an exemplary and leading organization in terms of technology and quality.


To be an organization that creates value for our country, society, customers and employees. To ensure continuity by protecting this value we have created. 




      Eskişehir and is a serious market share and ERAY PLASTIC INDUSTRY TİC.LTD.ŞTİ., Turkey and continues its expansion into countries throughout the world. Our company, which has been producing PVC profiles since 2003 and has been operating in the sector for more than 26 years, makes a name for itself with the various brands and products it offers.

      Atlantis Series 80 mm 3 seals, Atlas Series 80 mm 2 seals, Orion Series -70 mm 5 chambers, Vega Series 70/60 Series, Mira Series -60 mm 4 chambers and Alya Series -60 mm 3 chambers we manufacture systems. In our CNC lines, we meet the ready joinery demands of our dealers in our factory. In addition, we also produce PVC sheets with high capacity in our 4 new lines and PVC sandwich panels with our own PVC Sheets. We keep the main food factory consumed in the market in our stock of laminated veneer color varieties, and we can also make it while cooking various laminated containers. With our ever-increasing capacity, we will soon serve a wider audience.

      Our products are well above the market conditions. When we see our products, which we have increased day by day, appropriate. Our 21 export exports in total, mainly to Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Romania, continue. We are making an effort to increase our export points. We are working to deliver the quality product smoothly.

      We want to bring our brand and name to good points by presenting our quality, which we have developed more and more, to our customers. We consider the quality of our products and the service we offer to be the best promotional tool.

      Quality, which is extremely important apart from the success of the companies, has increased its importance in the recent past and the widespread of this concept has made it a pressure factor for the whole sector. However, the past has turned into the past compared to the past, and has become more developed with the advancement of technology. On the other hand, when it comes to the demands of the consumers, the necessity of meeting the demands of the demands fully has brought up the issue of quality assurance. They want their goods and services to be under full quality assurance from becoming consumers.

    With this awareness, our company Eray Plastik has accelerated its quality studies and the reporting was secured with ISO 9001: 2000 certificate on 02.05.2007. In addition to this, our company, which also has the TSE certificate, is increasing day by day with its young, dynamic and qualified personnel who have adopted the total quality understanding, and continues to write and continue to provide better quality service to our valued customers.


General Manager



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